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Noyes Family

I had a hard time posting any color photos of this shoot because I loved the black and white photos so much. These adorable twins braved the turn of winter for a few shots to document three months of age and they were rockstars!

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Robert Family

There is a lot of beautiful energy flowing through Emma and her little brother has learned quickly its best to just relax and enjoy the show. The red brick series taken in Brooklyn Heights if one of my absolute favorites!!

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Goldman Family

If someone were to ask Meghan Goldman what she’s thankful for, I hope she can just send them this blog post. We wanted to capture ‘a day in the life of,’ with all the craziness that encompasses a baby and his big sister. I loved loved loved this day!

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Anyone with a toddler and a newborn will tell you its hard to get everyone to behave, let alone in the same room but this beautiful momma makes it look easy. Its tough to gain a new friend and have to wait patiently for him to grow a little so you can play together. I loved all […]

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Cannon Family

I try not to have my subjects pose too often because I love capturing the natural ways families act around each other, but when little Gabriel decided to eat his book it was important he ate it right side up. The rest he did on his own, and that’s the making of an adorable photo!

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