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Coppens Family

I am so lucky to photograph growing families and it feels like yesterday that we were taking Campbell’s newbornView full post »

Angela + Daniel

It was such a pleasure getting to know this fabulous couple. They have one of those great love stories like the moviesView full post »

Robert Family

There is a lot of beautiful energy flowing through Emma and her little brother has learned quickly its best to justView full post »

Noyes Family

I had a hard time posting any color photos of this shoot because I loved the black and white photos so much. TheseView full post »

Eat your vegetables

Who knew veggies could look so stylish! This was a fun project my friend and I did to showcase some favoritesView full post »

Goldman Family

If someone were to ask Meghan Goldman what she’s thankful for, I hope she can just send them this blog post. WeView full post »


Mr. Caju has fit a lot of life into 13 years. He’s an international traveler, he shown cancer who’s boss andView full post »


Anyone with a toddler and a newborn will tell you its hard to get everyone to behave, let alone in the same room butView full post »

Lazarin Family

Such a beautiful couple for such an incredible afternoon at the botanical gardens. Their gracious smiles cameView full post »

Cannon Family

I try not to have my subjects pose too often because I love capturing the natural ways families act around each other,View full post »

Samuel Max

Samuel Max was quite the character at only a few weeks old. I mean that face! Its sure to make all the lady babies swoonView full post »

Shimota Family

Before heading back to the US the Shimota’s wanted to document a few of the special spots in their neighborhoodView full post »

Arditti Family

Sometimes all things align for the perfect photo. I totally adore this little one on the tree stump with her family ofView full post »


Something about black. Something about red lipstick and pearls. Something about your husband’s blue shirt.View full post »


Precious little Jemima was the perfect subject to gather this beautiful family together and celebrate a lovely birthView full post »

Raduan Family

Maria Clara is growing up and getting ready to become a big sister! I am not sure she truly understands how much isView full post »


I adore this family and have been honored to take so many photos of them over the years but I think these might be myView full post »

Jobin Family

How adorable is this family?! Their color scheme and personality were well matched for the vibrant and fun Batman AlleyView full post »


This is how I love to photograph newborns. Simple and delicate. But my most favorite moment of photographing babies andView full post »

Mailey Jane turns ONE

Mailey Jane turned one and another year flew by! I feel like I was just at the hospital awaiting her arrival with herView full post »


Olive is such a charmer! With those beautiful curls, she would make the perfect “Annie!” Once again we had aView full post »

Carsalade Family

Summer is Sao Paulo is HOT. Its hard taking pictures during most hours of the day as the sun is extra bright andView full post »

Nancy + Caroline ll

Little Caroline is growing up so fast. In the set we did last summer she was posed and shy… fast track one yearView full post »

Benato Family

Marcelinho is two going on fifteen, so serious and yet still so adorable and fun. Even his godparents came down for aView full post »

Natalie and Ruy

If only all men were as patient and wonderful about running around the city to get the perfect Holiday card photo asView full post »

Mailey Jane

If you recall, I had the pleasure of meeting Mailey when she was only two hours old! So its been super fun to watch herView full post »

Arthur turns One

Arthur is as charming at one as he was a newborn. How lucky am I that I get to follow so many babies as they grow up!View full post »


Cruz is the coolest. He’s so chill its as if he lives on a longboard, ‘cruzin’ around Sao Paulo likeView full post »

Nancy and Caroline

Oh man how cute are you Caroline?! Our 3 year photo session seems like yesterday. After just turning five she isView full post »

Vicki + Matt

Capturing one of my best friends in love was such a honor for me. I have known her for years, always wondering who mightView full post »

Merzvinskas Family

Ian has such a gentle soul and a beautiful way of showing he adores his new little brother. I received enough kissesView full post »

Miss Campbell Coppens

There is a reason people write poetry and music about baby blue eyes. But even asleep in that bunny outfit, she meltsView full post »

Mailey Jane

This goes down as one of my favorite. moments. ever. I was just the lucky bystander to the purest kind of love, theView full post »


Remember this precious little guy at only 10 days old? Well he has sure grown up fast! Meet Arthur .05, smiling andView full post »

Felix turns One

Felix is on the move. Can you believe this guy is already one? I love photographing this major moment when they breakView full post »

Hannah Charlotte

It was such an honor to take photos for one of my best friends while I was traveling through Chicago last month. She andView full post »

Theodora & Veronica

That last photo shows it all, that life is all about laughter and fun. While it may be tricky to capture a three yearView full post »

Victoria & Catarina

This is my ideal day. Beautiful family, great light and tons of smiles. It might have involved a good deal of ticklingView full post »


Precious little Felix is such a charmer. When he starts to cry, his Dad wisps him around in the air like a plane and heView full post »

Isabelle + Pedro

Love these guys, we did a fun shoot on the roof of Shopping Cidade Jardim with their precious little Teddy for ChristmasView full post »

Arthur Ferreira De Oliveira

Baby feet, baby rolls, baby smiles baby everything just makes me swoon. Its always fun to stare as they sleep and tryView full post »

Culhane “Colt” Harper

I have now had the privilege of meeting two babies moments after birth. There are few words to describe the emotions inView full post »

Holly & Christian

This lovely duo is preparing for another duo sometime this winter, how good looking will those little ones be!! IView full post »

Maria Clara

Amidst the clouds and rain of a typical Sao Paulo fall we found a perfect afternoon for a perfect little girl. Mom andView full post »

Goldman Family

Sophie is about to have a little brother just shy of her 2nd birthday so this was her moment. She ran up and down OscarView full post »

Jose & Tara’s Casamento

There is nothing better than love in Paraty, Brazil. Jose and Tara had the most beautiful location for their wedding,View full post »

Elle & Louise

You can never have too much fun in Vila Madalena! These adorable gals are leaving Sao Paulo for a new adventure so weView full post »

Mary Britt take two

Christmas time got a little busy this year so I caught up in January. Little Mary Britt is growing up fast but nothingView full post »

Erin’s Belly

My dear friend Erin, patiently awaiting her future little t-ball player is so adorable and so almost there. She had thisView full post »

Mary Britt

A dear friend, a precious summertime baby and ohhh those pants! Scrumptious and just over two months this little angelsView full post »

Parisa + Jose Luis

Love is in the air as this sweet duo prepares for a wedding in Spain. But they live here in Sao Paulo, so what betterView full post »

Holiday Felix

Felix is a lucky guy! Thanks to his awesome mom, he will always be in costume for every holiday and event for theView full post »